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Research and Development of Higher Mathematics Teaching in Colleges Based on Student Ability Training

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000636


Zou Cui

Corresponding Author

Zou Cui


In the information age, the rise and application of new technologies have been infiltrated into all aspects of people's lives and changed people's working and living habits. The study of higher mathematics is mainly to solve the practical problems in professional study. The actual problems are described in mathematical language or model images to simplify the actual problems and solve the problems. Therefore, in the teaching of higher mathematics, how to deal with the relationship between knowledge and ability is very important, not only to teach students the basic theoretical knowledge, but also to guide students through the integration of knowledge and systematic analysis to solve professional problems. This paper firstly expounds the current teaching situation of higher mathematics in colleges, and then puts forward methods and strategies to improve colleges' ability to practice mathematics in order to improve college students' ability to apply mathematics.


College; Higher mathematics; Mathematics application ability; Teaching method