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Research on the ideological and political training strategies of higher vocational school students based on the new era

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000637


Guofang Sun

Corresponding Author

Guofang Sun


In the new era, with the reorganization and renewal of education in China, the rapid development of China's higher vocational education has become an important part of the entire higher education system. And ideological and political training is one of the important teaching contents in higher vocational colleges. It has always been highly valued by schools and society. With the new era, it has become an important teaching course that cannot be ignored. But at present, the ideological and political training of students in higher vocational colleges in our country has been confronted with severe new challenges, and encountered some problems that cannot be ignored. So, how to use better ideological, political, and political education methods in the new era is a situation and task that every vocational college must face. Based on the current status and policies, this paper studies the current ideological and political status of students in higher vocational schools, analyzes the existing problems, and proposes corresponding improvement strategies.


New Era; Higher vocational colleges; political ideology; Political affairs