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The Shift of Focus of Rural School Construction in Wuling mountainous areas Based on Transformation of the Contradiction between Supply and Demand of Educational Resources

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000643


Dayou Zhang

Corresponding Author

Dayou Zhang


At present, the supply of educational resources in rural schools has gradually entered the stage of structural surplus from the stage of overall shortage. The school has "overcapacity", the overall supply of teachers is surplus, the school buildings are idle, and the average area of school students exceeds the standard. The construction of rural schools should be transferred from comprehensive construction to key construction; from extension construction to connotation construction; from attaching importance to material resources construction to human resources construction; from single function construction to comprehensive function construction.Due to the imbalance of urban and rural development, for a long time, Rural education resources are insufficient and the quality is backward. However, with the in-depth implementation of the national urban and rural overall development strategy, the contradiction between the supply and demand of rural education resources has changed significantly. In some places, there are even structural surplus problems in the supply of education resources, such as "hollowing out" of rural schools. In order to further clarify the actual situation of the contradiction between the supply and demand of rural education resources, the author selected some rural schools in Wuling mountain area for investigation. Hope to provide some empirical basis for this issue.


Rural schools; Educational resources; Contradiction between supply and demand; School construction;