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The theory teachings of piano Harmony major in colleges and the cultivation of students' improvisational accompaniment and its ability

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000647


Xiaoyuan Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyuan Wang


The development of piano teaching in modern colleges and universities, harmony theory teaching and the training of students' improvisational accompaniment are one of the important teaching contents, because they are highly practical music skills, and they are the basic course design of the current college piano major. A compulsory course to improve the music level of college piano students. This paper studies the role of harmony theory teaching in piano majors in colleges and universities, puts forward the problems existing in students' impromptu accompaniment ability training, and implements effective measures to promote the development of piano teaching in colleges.


Collages; Piano major; Harmony theory teaching; Students' improvisational accompaniment ability; Ability