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Improve the Effectiveness of Physical Training Teaching by Optimizing the Psychological Atmosphere in Class

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000657


Tao Li, Bingyan Lu

Corresponding Author

Tao Li


The classroom psychological atmosphere refers to the relatively stable collective psychological state in the teaching process, which is developed in the classroom teaching process. By optimizing the psychological atmosphere in the physical education classroom, students' abilities in physical health, sports skills, sports participation, mental health and social adaptation can be improved, and the effectiveness of physical education teaching can be improved.Effective teaching refers to whether students have made real progress and development in physical health, sports skills, sports participation, mental health and social adaptation after physical education class teaching. In the learning process of physical education, students will have great psychological fluctuations due to more subjects and higher standards. However, when teaching, teachers often only pay attention to the teaching of sports skills and ignore the realization of mental health goals. Optimizing the psychological atmosphere in class can provide students with a good psychological environment, generate their interest in learning and training, stimulate their enthusiasm for learning and training, and closely link training enthusiasm with collective honor and individual ideal. For students, active exercise can not only enhance physical fitness, but also increase sports knowledge, skills, emotional mediation, and improve social adaptability. Therefore, optimizing the psychological atmosphere of physical education class will promote the students to exercise consciously, thus improving the effectiveness of physical education teaching.


Effectiveness; Classroom psychological atmosphere.Management Mode; Physical Education Teaching;