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Study on the Integration Model of Creative Industry Education in Universities on Both Sides of the Taiwan Straits

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000658


 Xiaodan Lin

Corresponding Author

 Xiaodan Lin


The creative industry is listed as a new strategic industry in many countries, and as a new discipline, the demand for talents in the creative industry is also increasing day by day. Although the creative industry education in mainland colleges and universities has developed rapidly in recent years, there are still problems in the areas of professional setting, teachers, curriculum system and training mode. Therefore, we should actively explore the integration mode of creative industry education in colleges and universities across the Taiwan Straits by studying the guarantee system of creative industry education in Taiwan, so as to promote the cross-strait universities to learn from each other's experience and resources in the training of creative industries, and to promote the exchange and cooperation of creative industries on both sides of the Straits and the rapid development of the industry across the Straits.


Cross-strait universities;Creative industry education;Integration model