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Content Optimization of Ideological and Political Courses To Promote Students’ Participation

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000666


Yuying Liang, Ying Zhu, Yuming Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yuming Zhang


As Western ideology is wielding a global impact and China is standing at a critical stage of constructing socialism with Chinese characteristics, it also becomes increasingly important to effectively implement ideological and political education for college students who are future builders and successors of China. As the main channel to transmit ideological and political ideas to Chinese college students, ideological and political courses bear the essential task of spreading theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics and cultivating students with socialist core values. Nevertheless, the acceptance of ideological and political course among college students is not favorable, and the content of ideological and political lessons is one of the main reasons. This article puts forward four standards for the content of ideological and political courses, which are "upright", "practical", "updated" and "interesting" so as to improve students’ participation in classroom and thus the effectiveness of ideological and political education.


Ideological and Political Course;Content;Student;Participation