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Teaching Experiments to Explore the Difference between SDN and Traditional Network

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000669


Yanqing Lu

Corresponding Author

Yanqing Lu


"Computer network" experimental teaching is a very important link in computer courses. SDN is network innovation architecture, is a network virtualization implementation. It separates the control surface of network equipment from the data surface and provides a good platform for Internet and application. The emergence of SDN makes the management of Internet more convenient and flexible. It reduces the cost of network construction and maintenance, and promotes the innovation of Internet business. This paper compares SDN with traditional Internet in teaching courses, and analyses their characteristics and differences, so that students can learn computer network knowledge more deeply. This paper focuses on the application principle of SDN architecture and traditional network IP architecture. The two frameworks are applied to teaching practice to show teaching research and teaching effect. Simulate Internet technology into teaching courses. To enable students to quickly understand the most advanced science and technology in today's society, to achieve the purpose of training applied and innovative network talents.


SDN network architecture; Traditional IP architecture; Virtualization; The experimental teaching