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Discussion on the Relationship between Paternalistic Leadership and Employee Voice Behavior

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000672


Ting Hou

Corresponding Author

Ting Hou


Employees' positive opinions on improving the organization can promote the development of the organization and improve the performance of the organization, but the behavior of suggestion is a kind of behavior that challenges the status quo, and there is a certain risk. Thoughts such as Dao have suppressed the suggestions and suggestions of employees to a certain extent. In addition, related research finds that leadership style is an important factor affecting employee speech behavior, and different leadership styles have different effects on employee speech behavior. The author believes that the process and mechanism of the Chinese paternalistic leadership model influencing employees' speech behavior is a question worthy of research and discussion in theoretical circles and management practice. Therefore, a review of the relationship between paternalistic leadership styles and employee counselling behaviors has been conducted through a large literature review.


Paternalistic Leadership; Employee Voice Behavior; Overview