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The Innovation in the Choreography of Combinations of Group Yoga Asanas

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000673


Boya Duan

Corresponding Author

Boya Duan


Yoga is a newly emerging modern health leisure sport with the function of cultivating health and mind and bodybuilding. At present, the number of yoga fans is on the rise in our country. They can choose different asanas of varied degrees of difficulty according to their own physical condition and characteristics in learning and practicing yoga. Currently, more and more yoga fans are participating in the competition of practicing yoga, and group yoga is gaining popularity among fans. In the music background of different themes, the group members can demonstrate different yoga asanas and formations to present an innovated complete set asana combination finally. Excellent results of group yoga competition are based on the comprehensive effect of many factors, and the innovation in the choreography of combination of asanas will directly influence the result of competition. This research mainly adopted documentation method, expert interview method, video observation method and logic analysis method; and regarded the innovation in the choreography of asana combinations of group yoga at the 3rd Yoga Asana and Group Yoga Presentation Contest of Institutions of Higher Learning in Beijing as the object of research. The article conducted a systematic and over all analysis of the role of making innovation in the choreography of asana combinations of group yoga in raising the ability, quality and level in the choreography of asanas and in triggering the practicing enthusiasm among yoga fans, calling more people to get involved in the study and choreography of yoga. The purpose is to boost the physique of the whole nation and finally realize the goal of raising the level of yoga in our country.


Groupyoga; Asana; Combination of asanas; Choreography