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"Three In One to Improve Quality and Integral Management to Promote Development"——Take Guang Dong Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology as An Example

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000674


Li Rong Chen

Corresponding Author

Li Rong Chen


The development of student party members in Colleges and universities is an important part of grass-roots party organizations. Strengthening the party construction of student party members is related to the future of the party and the country.Therefore, we should carry out the development of student party members scientifically and objectively, and improve the quality of Party member development from the source.This paper is mainly to solve the problem of difficult quantitative investigation and management in the development and education of student party members. It puts forward the party construction work mode of "three in one to improve quality, integral management to promote development", and implements the "ideal soul casting project", "the project of striving for excellence" and "volunteer service project", so as to improve the development quality of Party members in an all-round way.Through the study of the current party construction work, the paper puts forward the party construction work mode of "three in one improving quality, integral management promoting development", taking Guang Dong Institute of mechanical and electrical technology as an example.


Three-in-one; Integral; Party Building