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The application of computer assisted rehabilitation environment in rehabilitation evaluation and training

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000675


Ming Shao1,Jing Liu,Ruisong Liao,Xuejing Zheng,Dong Liu Zeliang Shan Yinghan Qin,Chengpan Wang,Yingchun Mei,Zhi Yan

Corresponding Author

Ming Shao


Objective: To summarize the background, working principle and application of the computer assisted rehabilitation environment in the study of modern rehabilitation medicine treatment, and to clarify its advantages in the rehabilitation of limb movement disorder. Methods: Through the network retrieval articles in PubMed database, China CNKI database, VIP database for virtual reality environment (virtual reality environment, computer assisted rehabilitation environment (computer assisted rehabilitation environment), movement disorders, rehabilitation (Dyskinesia rehabilitation, retrieval time for 1999 and 2015, excluding low correlation, repeatability, old literatures, a total of 31 articles were reviewed. Results: The virtual environment of the dual task of the computer assisted rehabilitation environment is helpful to improve the ability of the patients' limb movement to make the interaction, interest and safety of the rehabilitation training. Computer aided rehabilitation environment has important clinical value and broad application prospects in the field of rehabilitation. It is worth further development and application in the field of rehabilitation of limb movement disorders.


Caren system; Evaluation and training; Application research