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Design and Application of Ankle Foot Orthosis with Intelligent Load Control in the Treatment of Lower Limb Fracture

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000676


Feng Han, Linlin Han, Qiong Wu, Yongzhong Hu, Jiaqing Li, Hui Liang, Panpan Chen,Hongwei Cheng,Zhi Yan, Liu Xidong

Corresponding Author

Feng Han


Purpose. Through the design and construction of a kind of intelligent control knee fracture load of ankle foot orthoses (AFO), accurately deal with knee fracture due to the large weight of the load more slow walk on training time and cause illnesses out many problems, for knee fracture under precise control load early rehabilitation training to provide a new type of rehabilitation ankle foot orthoses. Method. The design is based on different in patients with fracture of knee gait training when the load reaches the limit set, using the knee patellar ligament bearing to reduce the load of knee fractures, femoral condyle inside and outside the stand along the suspension mechanism to prevent the AFO walking slippage, make the patient's body was no longer under the knee or part to bear the extra load according to the assessment, its core technology is to drop the displacement and the load regulation of organic combine, and then a real-time observation adjustment for below the knee fracture rehabilitation training in the role of body weight. Conclusion. Through the clinical experiment proved that the intelligent AFO can meet the knee fracture patients in stand up to different requirements of training period of body weight.


Knee fracture;Ankle foot orthoses;Intelligent control;