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On the Puzzles of Precision of Sentencing Recommendations

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000677


Dong Song

Corresponding Author

Dong Song


The plea leniency system has made the sentencing recommendations of the prosecutorial authority indispensable. As a result, there has also been clamor for precise sentencing recommendations. However, the lively pursuit of precision of sentencing recommendations movements more or less ignore issues that require calm thinking. Although the idea of precision of sentencing recommendations sounds good, the normal differences in the sentences which due to subjective knowledge, evaluation, and judgment have led the so-called precise sentencing being a luxury. At the same time, advocating for precision of sentencing recommendations has to confront two major puzzles: “difficult to define” and “difficult to operate”. It is necessary and urgent to get rid of the misunderstanding of precision of sentencing recommendations and avoid blindness.


Precision of sentencing recommendations; Subjective knowledge; Puzzles; Misunderstandings