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Moral Disengagement and the Deviant Behaviors of Adolescent Physical Education Learning: The Moderating Effect of Learning Atmosphere

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000679


Huan ZHANG , Baolin DONG

Corresponding Author



Objective: Explored the comprehensive influence of the sport moral disengagement (MD), learning atmosphere (LA) on adolescents' deviant behaviors of physical education learning (PEL-DB). Methods: Used the moral disengagement in sport scale, the sub-scale of adolescent perceptions of school climate scale, and the deviant behaviors scale of adolescent physical education learning, this paper made investigation on 2288 adolescents. Results: The positive influence of sport MD on adolescents' PEL-DB is significant. The negative influence of adolescents' LA on PEL-DB is significant. Furthermore, the moderator effect of LA is significant that in the influence chain of adolescents' MD and PEL-DB. Conclusion: In the context of physical education learning, for adolescent, the MD and LA are the internal and external factors that affect DB. Furthermore, the LA could alleviate the negative influence of MD on PEL-DB.


Adolescent; Moral disengagement (MD); Learning atmosphere (LA); Physical education learning (PEL); Deviant behaviors (DB)