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On the Cultivation of Innovative Ability and Professional Development Ability of Mpacc Graduates—Taking Guangxi University of Finance and Economics as an Example

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000684


Yu Xiang Jianmin Liu

Corresponding Author

Jianmin Liu


The cultivation of innovative talents oriented by social demand is a hot topic in the current educational reform in colleges and universities. This paper focuses on the reform of graduate education and teaching in Guangxi University of Finance and Economics. Through school-enterprise cooperation, "industry-university integration" and other channels, this paper develops and implements the curriculum reform that suits the actual situation of enterprises and the cognitive law of graduates, and thus forms a modular professional curriculum with project curriculum as the subject. It aims to promote the reform of graduate training mode and further improve the favorable development mechanism of graduate teaching construction.


MPAcc; Innovative ability; Professional development ability