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Exploring the Education and Training Mode of International Students under “the Belt and Road” Initiative

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000686


Bo Zhang, Yuehui Cui, Wenwen He

Corresponding Author

Bo Zhang


With the rapid development of the global economy, talents will become a foundation of competition, which has been agreed by many countries. Universities in China have incorporated the training of international talents into the training target system, and how to train international talents serving "the Belt and Road" construction is a problem for contemporary universities. It is urgent to build a good management mechanism and education training model for international students. In recent years, the number of overseas students studying in China along "the Belt and Road" has increased, but the training mechanism is still incomplete. This paper draws on the experience of Japanese students. Firstly, we should make up for the shortage of teachers and counselors. Secondly, according to the uniqueness of international students, we should innovate the curriculum design and implement convergence management. Finally, we should optimize the teaching mode, and pay attention to the teaching of practical ability and Chinese culture on the basis of theoretical teaching, which will provide important guarantees for the training of "the Belt and Road" talents.


The Belt and Road;International students;Training mode