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New Mode of Cooperative Education and Social Services under the Background of Industry-University-Research

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000687


Lijuan Sun,Yina Qu,Shu Li,Yue Xi,Shaoli Zhang

Corresponding Author

Lijuan Sun


Industry-university-research(IUR) cooperative education is an important part of deepening the reform of the science and technology system. It not only pushes the mode of economic growth to be innovation-driven macroscopically, but also realizes the deep integration of universities and enterprises microscopically, and form a synergy of innovation. This paper mainly discusses how to explore and practice the new mode of talents cooperative training and education in universities under the background of the deep integration of IUR, as well as the reform and exploration of improving social service ability. Only deep integration can better serve the society and achieve long-term development.


Industry-university-research; Talents training; Social services