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A Study on the Construction of Multi-evaluation Mode of College English Blended Teaching Based on Super Star Learning Platform

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000689


Guihua Ma

Corresponding Author

Guihua Ma


With the development of information technology in foreign language education, the reform of College English blended teaching is deepening. Based on the analysis of the current situation of College English teaching, the interactive function of Super Star Learning Platform (SSLP) and the connotation of blended teaching, guided by the concept of blended teaching, this paper integrated the powerful interactive functions of SSLP, and designed a blended teaching mode of College English from three aspects: autonomous learning before class, inquiry learning in class and consolidated learning after class, and built a multi-evaluation mode of this teaching practice. The results showed that the teaching mode combined the advantages of traditional classroom teaching and online teaching, stimulated learning interest, improved learning autonomy, enhanced teacher-student interaction, improved learning effect and teaching quality. This teaching practice provided a reference for the reform of College English blended teaching mode and the implementation of multi-evaluation mode.


Super Star Learning Platform (SSLP); Blended teaching; College English; Multi-evaluation.