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In the Course of Ideological and Political Theory in Colleges and Universities A study on the Path of College Students' Honesty Education

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000691


Qiuying Zhang

Corresponding Author

Qiuying Zhang


College life is a key stage for a person to establish a correct world outlook, values and outlook on life. Incorruption Education plays an important role in this critical period. It will affect the behavior choice of college students when they go out of the campus and become the backbone of the society, and will eventually play a role in the inheritance of Chinese excellent traditional culture and the reconstruction of social fashion. The ideological and Political Theory Course (hereinafter referred to as the ideological and political course) is also the key course of College Students' integrity education. How to make college students' integrity education give full play to its effectiveness in the ideological and political course is the focus of this paper. The author believes that only by combining the integrity education with the world outlook, outlook on life, ideals and beliefs, socialist core values, moral concepts, legal knowledge and other knowledge systems in the ideological and political course, and reasonably integrating the integrity education into each chapter of the theory, the combination of theoretical explanation and teaching practice, can the effectiveness of College Students' integrity education be realized in the ideological and political course.


Ideological and Political Theory Course (Ideological and Political Course); Honest Education; College Students