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The Role of Installation Art in Dance

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000693


Yanling Sun

Corresponding Author

Yanling Sun


Installation art is a modern form of cultural expression that uses specially processed works of art to interact with the audience at a particular time and place, not only in the form of exhibitions and interactions but also in a variety of artistic fields such as painting, sculpture and dance (Bishop, 2005). With the development of the current art market, this aesthetic and subversive art form has stimulated the creative desire of many artists and broadened the creative development of art. Dance is no exception, and many dancers combine installation art with dance to create new works that express social or personal emotions in the form of mediums, settings, and props. This emerging form of dance work combines installation with dancers' physical movements, breaking away from the perception of conventional dance and re-examining dance as an art. Through the art form of installation art as an entry point, this article discusses the embodiment and role of installation art in dancers' bodies and dance works. It analyzes the characteristics, background and development of installation art, its development of dancers' movement and thinking, its role as a medium and background in dance works and its development as an art form. This paper explores installation art and dance work not only as a way to enhance the theory of self-art but also as a research direction for modern dance creation.


Installation Art; Dance; Development; Arts