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A Brief Talk on the Practice of Integrating Humanistic Quality Education into Urology Nursing Teaching

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000696


Liping Liu

Corresponding Author

Liping Liu


The paper focuses on the analysis and elaboration of humanistic quality education and its final effects in urology nursing teaching. The method of practical research was mainly adopted so that students majoring in Urology admitted to a school within two years were selected, then humanistic quality education was given to one side but not given to the other side with year as the dividing line, and a comparative analysis was made of the role of humanistic quality education in urology nursing teaching. According to the study of the final results, the application of humanistic quality education in urology nursing teaching can enhance the professional quality of students, improve the contradictory relationship between doctors and patients in nursing, and further promote the stable development of medical industry in China.


Urology; Nursing teaching; Humanistic quality education.