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Investigation on Targeted Poverty Alleviation of Wuwei Based on Internet+Agriculture Strategy

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000840


Wenjuan Pan and Haiying Ma

Corresponding Author

Haiying Ma


The introduction of the internet into the development of traditional agriculture will give birth to new development momentum, which is conducive to the promotion of targeted poverty alleviation. Based on the research of internet plus agriculture, this paper analysed the poverty situation of Wuwei Gansu, which has the arduous task of poverty alleviation, and on the basis of analysing the current situation of agricultural development, we conduct out SWOT for the implementation of Internet plus agriculture targeted poverty alleviation. This paper expounds that it is necessary to strengthen the network infrastructure construction in order to promote the construction of internet plus agriculture, and puts forward targeted poverty alleviation strategies.


Internet + Agriculture; Targeted Poverty Alleviation; Wuwei