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Effectiveness Analysis of Agricultural Geological Environment Information Management System Construction on Agricultural Economic Management

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000841


Jingbing Liu, Haina Hao, Yongliang Qi and Ande Zou

Corresponding Author

Ande Zou


The new century is an era of information reform. With the continuous improvement of agricultural geological environment information construction, agricultural geological environment information construction will further develop, and at the same time, higher requirements are imposed on agricultural economic management and related fields. Due to the perfect information system in the agricultural geological environment, there are problems in agricultural economic management. In this regard, the purpose of this article is to study the practical effects of constructing an agricultural geological environment information management system on agricultural economic management. In response to these problems, this article establishes and improves the agricultural economic management system to provide institutional guarantee for optimizing agricultural economic management. We will improve the agricultural financial support system and optimize agricultural production and marketing mechanisms and industrial structures. Strengthen agricultural infrastructure construction, improve technological innovation and integration, and provide basic guarantees for optimizing agricultural economic development and other management strategies. It can be seen from the conclusion of this article that the proportion of scientific and technological expenses in 2018 is 0.795, and the proportion is basically fluctuating. The conclusion shows that the construction of agricultural geological information environment has promoted the development of agricultural economy.


Agricultural Texture Environment; Agricultural Economic Management; Agricultural Informatization; Optimization Methods