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Design of Conformal Cooling Channel of Washing Machine Mixer Mold Based On 3D Printing and Analysis of the Product Deformation

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000848


Youyu Li

Corresponding Author

Youyu Li


Taking the agitator of a washing machine as an example, the mold flow analysis results of the traditional cooling scheme and the conformal cooling scheme are compared. The latter effectively solves the problem of deformation of the end face of the product and shortens the production cycle. The simulation shows that the cooling time of injection molding of the product with conformal cooling water channel scheme is significantly shortened, and the cooling effect is significantly improved. The maximum temperature of the mold cavity surface of the traditional cooling water channel scheme is 89.06℃, the cooling time is 159s, and the average warpage deformation reaches 0.9046 mm; while the average temperature of the cavity surface using the conformal cooling water channel scheme is about 73.77℃, and the cooling time is 97s, the average warpage deformation reached 0.431mm. This case uses traditional CNC and metal 3D printing composite manufacturing technology to process conformal cooling water channel inserts, which not only reduces the production cost, but also greatly reduces the amount of warpage deformation and cooling time, which has a significant effect on improving product quality and production efficiency.


Conformal Cooling Channels; Injection Mold; 3D Printing; Deformation; Mold Flow Analysis