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Artificial Intelligence Scheduling Algorithms for Elevator Group Control Based on Finite Element Dynamic Analysis

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000850


Zhenlai Liu

Corresponding Author

Zhenlai Liu


As a necessary equipment in modern high-rise buildings, elevators provide convenience for people and increase energy consumption. Therefore, how to properly dispatch elevators and achieve optimal group control has become one of the main topics in the construction industry. In this context, the problem of poor scheduling performance of traditional scheduling algorithms is caused, resulting in poor elevator group control performance. An elevator group control artificial intelligence scheduling algorithm based on finite element dynamic analysis is proposed. The algorithm firstly analyzes the finite element dynamics of elevator group control, and then uses the particle swarm optimization algorithm to perform elevator group control intelligent scheduling. The results show that compared with the neural network scheduling algorithm and genetic scheduling algorithm, the algorithm is dispatched and the elevator group is The value of the five performance indicators is the highest, which proves the effectiveness of the algorithm


Finite Element Dynamic Analysis; Elevator Group Control; Artificial Intelligence Scheduling Algorithm