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Marine Engineering Geotechnical Engineering and Analysis of Its Influencing Factors

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000855


Haiyan Cheng, Shenghui Jiang, Dongdong Zhao, Chao Zhang, Fansheng Lin and Xiankai Zhu

Corresponding Author

Haiyan Cheng


With the development of economy, China in recent years in shipbuilding, petrochemical, wharf and other Marine engineering development in the rapid, so the geotechnical engineering investigation of the importance of the rise. Geotechnical engineering investigation refers to the need to identify the various conditions of the engineering site investigated according to the requirements of engineering documents. The activity of preparing survey documents after identifying the geological and environmental conditions of the area. It is convenient to find out the engineering geological conditions and analyze the existing geological problems. The purpose of this paper is to observe the geotechnical engineering investigation and construction of Marine engineering in order to analyze the influencing factors. This paper expounds in detail the preliminary preparation and construction process of geotechnical engineering investigation of Marine engineering, and enumerates the factors affecting the normal offshore drilling and the emergency situation during offshore drilling. At last, the problems in geotechnical engineering investigation of Marine engineering are studied and analyzed, and it is found that the clay expansion rate is maintained at about 40%


Marine Engineering; Geotechnical Engineering Investigation; Offshore Positioning; Influencing Factors