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Problems and Measures of Civil Engineering Construction Management

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000856


Zhifang Tian

Corresponding Author

Zhifang Tian


With the acceleration of the urbanization process, the construction industry has achieved unprecedented development. At the same time, construction safety emergencies, especially large civil engineering projects, not only cause huge casualties and property losses, but also give economic development and Social stability poses a great threat. Civil engineering construction project management research has large topics and a wide range of issues. It is difficult to systematically study and obtain results. This article is based on the construction project management from project bidding, successful bidding, construction preparation, implementation to completion settlement. The main problem studied is how to do the best state and best combination of various management elements in the management process. This article analyzes the problems and causes in project management, adopts a systematic approach of induction and reasoning, and combines theory with practice to demonstrate and study and discuss systemic issues in construction project management. Through the analysis of the characteristics of emergencies, it leads to the theory of emergency management and interprets the definition, connotation and principles of emergency management. Classify large-scale civil engineering construction safety emergencies, reveal their common characteristics, and construct a basic theoretical framework for emergency management of large-scale civil engineering construction safety emergencies.


Civil Engineering; Construction Project Management; Emergency Measures Management; Sudden Construction Incident