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Discussion on the Function of Wechat in the Field of College Physical Education

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000858


Qi Sun

Corresponding Author

Qi Sun


The traditional teaching mode of physical education in colleges and universities has suffered a great impact in the Internet era. Under such circumstances, colleges and universities must attach importance to the important role of mobile Internet, and at the same time, they must change their concepts and actively use wechat public accounts and other information dissemination platforms, only in this way can we effectively improve the effect of physical education.Based on this, the article first analyzes the advantages of Wechat in college physical education, mainly including two aspects: strong function, strong interaction, and then discusses the main functions of Wechat in the field of college physical education, it mainly includes three aspects: Assisting Physical Education classroom teaching, publishing dynamic information of school physical education, and disseminating scientific concepts and methods of physical education, it mainly includes two aspects: actively changing the concept of traditional physical education and building the operation team of Wechat public number. Through the analysis and discussion of the above aspects, hope to be able to provide some reference and help for the related research work in the future.


Wechat; College Sports; Education