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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Internet Advertising: Advertising Recommendation System Based on Deep Learning Technology

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000861


Xiaoying Lin

Corresponding Author

Xiaoying Lin


Internet online advertising has developed rapidly in recent years, showing great market value. Deep learning is a technology that extracts low-level simple features through multi-layer neural networks to form high-level abstract and difficult-to-change features. In recent years, the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence has attracted great attention and made breakthroughs. Deep learning technology can predict the click-through rate of advertisement more accurately. It can directly extract the complex dependence and non-linear relationship between users and items to be recommended from large-scale data sets, achieve more accurate recommendation, and effectively enhance the personalized effect and optimize user experience.


Deep Learning; Online Advertising; Advertising Click Rate; Recommendation System