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Problems and Countermeasures in the Process of Government Website Construction——Taking the Website of Guangdong Provincial Government as an Example

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000862


Danfeng Zhang

Corresponding Author

Danfeng Zhang


the government website is an important carrier for government agencies at all levels to perform their functions and provide services to the society. It is also an important benchmark for measuring the development level of e-government in specific departments. Since 2003, Guangdong Province has developed evaluation indicators every year, and conducted evaluations on provincial government departments' websites and 21 prefecture-level city government portals, and guided government departments at all levels to continuously improve the quality and service level of website construction. In the 2018 China Local Government Data Open Report, the report analyzes and summarizes the data opening of local government websites. Based on the 2018 annual evaluation data, this paper deeply studies the construction of the Guangdong Provincial Government website and explores ways and means to further improve the quality and service capabilities of Guangdong government website information disclosure, with a view to further promoting the public service capacity of government websites.


Government Website; Information Disclosure; Public Service