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Design and Implementation of Art Design System Based on Artificial Intelligence Processing Technology

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000866


Yanyan Li

Corresponding Author

Yanyan Li


In the process of art design, it is difficult to transform music into image or image into music. However, the intervention of artificial intelligence makes this transformation very easy to achieve. Based on the above background, this paper designs and implements an art design system based on artificial intelligence processing technology. Artificial intelligence technology is helpful to the creation of art design. Firstly, this paper summarizes, summarizes and analyzes the corresponding relationship between art design and system design; secondly, it analyzes the feasibility of applying multi information fusion technology to art design of artificial intelligence processing technology; finally, it uses artificial intelligence technology to accurately depict the art design model of data layer, feature layer, decision layer and multi information fusion, and constructs the art design model based on artificial intelligence processing technology. The model includes data layer, feature layer and decision layer. Among them, RBF neural network, which can deal with nonlinear problems, has the ability of self-learning and fault tolerance, and can quickly make fault classification, is used to build the art design system model of the data layer. At the same time, the integration design test of data layer, feature layer and decision layer is carried out for the art design system model based on artificial intelligence. The experiment verifies the accuracy and timeliness of the art design system model.


Artificial Intelligence; Art Design; System Design; Image Processing