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Effects of COVID-19 on Mental Health of College Students -- a Case Study of Xijing University

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000872


Zhangli Zhou

Corresponding Author

Zhangli Zhou


At present, COVID-19 epidemic has caused a great impact on the study and life of Chinese college students. In the face of a major epidemic, college students should not only pay attention to physical health, but also pay attention to emotional and mental health. Based on the perspective of self-care, this study conducted questionnaire and interview on college students of Xijing University. It is found that there are four main characteristics of college students' negative emotions, among which self-care has a significant positive correlation with positive emotions and a significant negative correlation with negative emotions, indicating that self-care is an effective means of emotional regulation. Combined with the research conclusion, the author puts forward the action strategy of college students' emotion adjustment.


Major Outbreaks; Self-Care; Emotions; College Students