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Image Transmission of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Era of Digital Media

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000875


Deng Pan and Xin Guo

Corresponding Author

Deng Pan


Intangible cultural heritage refers to various traditional cultural expressions that exist in intangible form and are closely related to the lives of the masses and inherited form generation to generation. By providing users with visual and auditory and other intuitive and authentice means to expand the user’s perception experience, the true record restores the essence of intangible cultural heritage, the dialogue between the worker and the viewer will be constructed with an intuitive experience. With the continuous development of media technology, Video can not only record intangible cultural heritage projects in a real and comprehensive way, but also be easy to store and disseminate which can be made as a sample of inheritance and learning. It has become an effective means to protect and disseminate Intangible cultural heritage by image recording.


Intangible Cultural Heritage; Transmission; Image