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Design of a Plant Protection Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Ultrasonic Atomizing System

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000881


Xiaoyun Wu and Yi Guo

Corresponding Author

Yi Guo


In order to reduce energy consumption of the plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)) atomizing system and achieve a good atomizing effect, in this paper, a plant protection UAV atomizing system based on the principle of ultrasonic atomizing has been designed. The system consists of a pesticide tank, a liquid level controller, an atomizing tank, an atomizer, a fan, a spray pipe and a mounting plate. Virtual design is realized with SolidWorks to obtain a 3D model. The interference checking of SolidWorks proves no involvement existing between the parts. The finite element analysis function of SolidWorks is used to perform a finite element analysis on the mounting plate to optimize the structure. The fluid analysis function of SolidWorks is then used to verify the atomizing effect. Simulation analysis has been made to verify reliability of the design. The prototype test results show that the system has lower energy consumption but better quality than that of the pressure atomizing system. It features a simple structure, low production cost, easy maintenance, low failure rate, safety and reliability and thus will be easy to be promoted in the plant protection UAV field.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV); Plant Protection; Ultrasonic Atomizing System