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Research on Technical and Tactical Action Mining of Basketball Based on Apriori Algorithm

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000882


Fang Liu

Corresponding Author

Fang Liu


Nowadays, the general application and development of computer technology made the data mining technology play a crucial role in sports technology and tactics. This paper was based on the Apriori algorithm to explore the data mining of basketball skills and tactics. In this paper, the rules which could cause our own interest were deeply excavated by introducing the lift-measure interest independent method. And considering the mutex characteristic points included in the data mining, we optimized the classical Apriori algorithm. It effectively improved the efficiency of the Apriori algorithm for mining frequent itemsets. The optimized AD-apriori algorithm can reduce the complexity of the mining process in time and space.


Apriori algorithm;Basketball skills and tactics;Data mining