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Application of Big Data Technology in the Teaching Model of Ideological and Political Theory Course in Agricultural and Forestry Colleges

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000888


Xu Zhang and Lijun Sun

Corresponding Author

Xu Zhang


The advantages of big data technology and its wide application have pointed out a new direction for ideological and political education in colleges and universities in the era of network information. Among them, education content, education mode, evaluation and feedback of education effect can be refined and individualized to the maximum extent, and then the ideological and political education subject's thought and behavior can be predicted to the greatest extent. To promote the application of big data technology in Ideological and political education in agricultural and forestry colleges under the new situation, we should deepen and improve the content system of big data ideological and political education. Pay attention to the acquisition and collation of data, and ensure the data exchange of various departments of Ideological and political education. Emphasis should be placed on the synchronization of educators' abilities with the times and the cultivation of an educational contingent with comprehensive development.


Big Data Technology; Teaching Mode; Ideological and Political Theory