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Analysis of Blockchain Application to Ice and Snow Sports

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000891


Rui Yue, Jiajia Zhang and Tao Xu

Corresponding Author

Tao Xu


This paper presents a study combined with literature and comprehensive analysis. Starting from the status quo of ice and snow sports in China, this paper introduces blockchain technology for theoretical analysis. It is found that China's ice and snow sports have blossomed on a large scale nationwide, but the regional impact vary greatly from north to south. On the whole, it has developed rapidly, however, compared with foreign countries, it is still lagging behind. For example, the sponsorship information is opaque, there is a talent shortage for ice and snow sports, the flow of the ice and snow fund remains largely unknown, and the ice and snow industry is unevenly distributed. This paper cuts in from the perspective of sponsorship, talents, public welfare of ice and snow sports as well as the industry per se to find a feasible solution for the blockchain + ice and snow sports industry, with an aim to tackle the talent shortage, commercial sponsorship, and opaque fund in the blockchain + ice and snow sports.


Ice and Snow; Blockchain; Sports; Industry; Development