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Research on UI Design of FPS (First-Person Shooting Game) Game

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000894


Shujia Ning

Corresponding Author

Shujia Ning


This paper briefly introduces the principles of human-computer interaction design and the development of FPS games. Through the analysis of the current mainstream FPS game interface, summarize the current players are familiar with the interface and use of graphics. According to the human-computer interaction design principle and human cognitive way to analyze the shortcomings. Simulated real feelings to increase the visual expression of game information, at the same time from the visual Angle of analysis how to interface in some text information pattern design or to simplify the original graphical information, and be able to let the player more rapid access to key information, use independent prompts to help players into the game quickly. UI design is more realistic and changes the way information is fed back in the main interface. It is proposed that under virtual reality environment, the classification shortcut key setting can reduce the run-in time of FPS game loyal players and make the information feedback in the game more convenient. The combination of simplified interface and keyboard shortcuts to display detailed information increases player immersion while also providing professional players with what they want.


User Interface Design; FPS Game; Graphical Interface