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Construction Technology of E-sports Racing Simulation Track Scenarios

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000896


Jie Sun

Corresponding Author

Jie Sun


The construction of track simulation scene is one of the key links of racing electric racing driving platform. The effect of construction technology directly affects the authenticity and usability of racing simulation driving platform. In this paper, the characteristics of high-precision racing circuit simulation and the existing technical means of simulation scene construction are analyzed, and the sensor scanning technology of racing circuit simulation scene is studied. According to the simulation characteristics of racing circuit scene, when modeling is proposed, the completed game building scene is referenced, and the scene construction is enhanced and generated by real scanning sampling data High precision simulation track scene. Based on the above modeling concept, the real 3D scanning sensor is used in combination with multiple platforms to measure and obtain the discrete 3D point set data with certain density, record the terrain, height of ground objects and their interrelations, etc. the resource base is established through the combination of the track simulation scene model subsystem, and finally the example of the electric race track scene is realized to solve the track simulation efficiency and simulation scene Low authenticity and poor operability.


Racing Esports; Track Simulation; Driving Simulator; Scanning Sampling