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Seismic Performance and Performance Standard of Bridge

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000899


Qingqing Ma, Gang Li and Dawei Xie

Corresponding Author

Qingqing Ma


The performance-based seismic design of bridge structure enables people to estimate the seismic performance of the bridge under various possible future earthquake actions in advance. However, "seismic performance" itself is a very broad, complex and fuzzy concept, which can be understood and described from multiple perspectives. For example, from the designer's point of view, the understanding of seismic performance is the magnitude of various mechanical responses of the structure under the action of earthquake, such as strain, displacement, speed, acceleration, etc.; from the user's point of view, the most intuitive feeling of seismic performance is the magnitude of loss under the action of earthquake, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to define the seismic performance clearly, and put forward the corresponding evaluation index system and design evaluation method. In this paper, firstly, the concept of performance-based seismic fortification standard is introduced, and its particularity and manifestation in bridge structure are pointed out. On this basis, suggestions on performance-based seismic fortification standard of bridge structure are put forward.


Seismic Resistance; Seismic Performance ;Fortification Standard of Bridge; Fortification performance objectives;