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Analysis Of Internet Finance Products Market

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001481


Kehui Liu

Corresponding Author

Kehui Liu


Internet financial products are conducive to the development of inclusive finance and make up for the shortage of traditional financial services. They are also beneficial to give play to the role of private capital, guide private finance towards standardization, and better meet the needs of e-commerce and expand social consumption. This article focuses on the analysis of the domestic and foreign Internet financial markets and the management strategies of ‘Loan Treasure’. Carry out detailed analysis of Loan Treasure from the aspects of product, price, channel, promotion and so on. Combine the current status of the Loan Treasure platform to find out the difficulties in the operation and provide suggestions and methods that can effectively solve the problem. These as a whole will have a positive effect on the business development of the Loan Treasure platform in the future.


Loan Treasure; Internet Finance; Marketing Strategy