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Research On Copyright Registration Based On Blockchain Technology

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001482


Guang-Yang Zhang, Yin-Shi Jia and Hai-Wen Li

Corresponding Author

Guang-Yang Zhang


Copyright registration is the preliminary evidence of copyright ownership and protection, and the starting point of copyright transactions. The copyright registration based on the blockchain technology can effectively solve the ills of the high cost and long term of traditional copyright registration, and can achieve the purposes of identifying the author's identity, increasing the credibility of the registration, and ensuring the security of registration data through a technical aspect. Blockchain copyright registration also has certain limitations. In addition to its own technical problems that are difficult to overcome, it also cannot solve the "originality" problem of works and the legal effect of registration. Of course, the improvement of the blockchain copyright trading market is both an opportunity and a challenge. Therefore, we should look at the application of blockchain technology in the field of network copyright registration with an inclusive mentality and dialectical thinking.


Blockchain; Copyright Registration; Internet; Digital Copyright