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Countermeasures To Strengthen Enterprise Business Management Training In The Internet Age

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001484


Xuemei Guan

Corresponding Author

Xuemei Guan


The Internet is a new economic form, giving full play to its role of optimization and integration in the allocation of production factors. This article aims to study the optimization countermeasures for enterprise business management training in the Internet era. This article analyzes in detail the current problems of related companies in business management training, as well as effective countermeasures and suggestions to improve the effectiveness of related training management. This article completes the research on the Internet training model through questionnaire surveys and interview survey methods. The experimental results of this paper show that, after proposing measures to strengthen the training of business management of enterprises, the training efficiency of enterprise employees has increased by 15%, and the overall competitiveness of enterprises has increased by 12%.


Internet Era; Business Administration of Enterprises; Training Mode; Feasibility Plan