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Problems And Innovation Model Of Rural E-Commerce In The New Era

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001485


Ronghua Jin and Xingfei Luo

Corresponding Author

Ronghua Jin


In the context of the new era, the Internet has developed rapidly and become popular, and e-commerce has emerged at the historic moment. Rural e-commerce has developed from scratch, from fewer to more, and has provided a broader path for rural economic development. The purpose of this article is to study the innovation model of rural electronics in the new era and its existing problems. This article adopts the method of comparative method, systematically analyzes several operation modes of rural e-commerce in China through examples, and on the basis of this, analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of different modes by using the comparative method, so as to discover the rural e-commerce in China in the new era Research on innovative models. Experimental research results show that adhering to the development of rural e-commerce is an effective way to achieve new urbanization. Now many rural areas in China have begun to get involved in e-commerce, but its development is still in the period of exploratory development, lack of development experience, and many places need to be further improved .


New Era; Rural E-Commerce; E-Commerce Development; Innovation