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Higher Vocational Colleges Should Enhance The Effectiveness Research Of Serving Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises In School-Enterprise Cooperation

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001486


Xiaochun Shi and Nan Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiaochun Shi


The adaptability of training talents is the main purpose of the cooperation between higher vocational colleges (HVC) and enterprises. Most of the employment positions of higher vocational talents are in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMSE), so SMSE have become the main object of the cooperation between HVC and enterprises. HVC should give full play to their advantages and carry out comprehensive school-enterprise cooperation (SEC) strategies with SMSE according to the situation, so as to serve talent training. In order to better study in HVC in university-enterprise cooperation to enhance effective services for SMSE, this paper in such a background, in a certain area of basic situation of university-enterprise cooperation in HVC as research object, on the statistics and analysis, trying to have a thorough understanding of the institutions university-enterprise cooperation mechanism, and from the case experience to find suitable for HVC in our country the development of the mechanism of university-enterprise cooperation path. Finally, this paper puts forward some Suggestions on the development path of the long-term SEC mechanism between vocational colleges and SMSE from three perspectives, namely, the organization structure, the organization system and the cooperation operation mechanism based on the cooperation subjects.


SEC; Higher Vocational Colleges; Small and Medium-sized Enterprises; Common Development