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Thinking And Innovation Of Enterprise After Sale Service Under The Background Of E-Commerce

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001487


Xiaoxiao Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoxiao Wang


With the progress of society and the rapid progress and development of science and technology, in today's society, the world's political, economic and social pattern has once again undergone tremendous changes, thus deriving and developing a new e-commerce network development model, Many e-commerce network platforms enable people to enjoy the pleasure of shopping without leaving home. The e-commerce mode produced by this network era is more and more well known. However, the after-sales service of enterprises in this e-commerce mode lags far behind the development of other services of the same era. Therefore, this paper studies how to make enterprises better after-sales service and change the poor service environment under the background of e-commerce mode, mainly from the perspective of enterprise after-sales service to think about how to promote enterprises to carry out better after-sales service under the background of e-commerce, consider the current shortcomings, and innovate the new mode of after-sales service. Through the analysis, this paper mainly studies the after-sales service thinking and innovation mode, which provides new ideas for the enterprise after-sales service thinking and innovation mode under the background of traditional e-commerce development.


E-Commerce Network; Enterprise After Sale Service; Service Environment; Network Platform