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Design And Research On The Reform And Practice System Of International Trade Professional Courses

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001489


Chunshu Wang , Wei Bai and Yanyan Li

Corresponding Author

Chunshu Wang


With the reform and opening up in modern times, the rapid development of international trade profession has met the needs of current social development to a large extent. With the in-depth development of society, the international trade major has gradually shown its shortcomings. Under the training of courses, the content and teaching are all outdated. It has been unable to keep up with the pace of social development and cannot meet the needs of modern society. And development. The purpose of this article is to research and design the reform practice system of the international trade professional curriculum. On the basis of defining the connotation of China's higher vocational education and the essential characteristics of the international trade profession, this article takes the international trade practice major as a case, and analyzes its international trade practice major courses to find out its current problems and explore them. The root of the problem. And according to the rationality of its value orientation, it analyzes the knowledge, ability and quality structure of the students of the major, and proposes that the methods and ideas of the reform practice system of the international trade practice major should follow the current social needs and should be in the preparation of relevant courses. Have a reasonable value orientation. The experimental results show that the reform design of the international trade professional curriculum can more effectively realize the training of talents in universities and improve the competitiveness of graduates in the job market.


International Trade; Social Needs; Curriculum Development; Value Orientation