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Intelligent Design Of UAV Unique Flight Route Scheme Based On Lidar Technology

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001491


Xun Wang, Xinyang Guo, Zilong Hou, Weijing Li and Yi Ding

Corresponding Author

Xun Wang


With the continuous development and maturity of sensor technology, laser technology and computer technology, airborne lidar measurement technology has become an important technical means to obtain three-dimensional spatial information. It can quickly and efficiently obtain accurate three-dimensional coordinates of objects and high-resolution digital terrain models. It has unique technical advantages and wide application prospects in building 3D modeling, forest survey, topographical mapping, pipeline laying design, coastline analysis and power line patrol. In this regard, the use of lidar technology to study the flight path of the UAV is of great significance. This article first introduces the sensor's working principle and device selection, and describes the IMU/DGPS integrated navigation principle. Then combined with the small unmanned helicopter model, the eleventh-order extended Kalman data fusion algorithm is designed and implemented. According to the characteristics of each sensor in the airborne lidar digital terrain mapping system, the role of the data fusion algorithm is analyzed. Finally, the experimental verification and analysis of the whole system are carried out. Studies have shown that when there is no DGPS update value, even if the DGPS data cannot be used due to external interference in a short period of time, the UAV flight route prediction system can obtain more accurate position information.


Lidar Technology; Uav Flight Path; Kalman Algorithm; Intelligent Design