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The Formation Of Thinking In Terms Of Images In The Psychological Context Of Vocal Music Performance

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001494


Xiaolu Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiaolu Wang


In the process of vocal music performance, the singer's image thinking plays a very important role in it. It can effectively hint and guide the singer to express the work with the established singing mood and technique, and realize the integration of singing technique and music performance. In this article, focus on the psychological context of vocal music performance to explore the importance of the singer's imagery thinking and specific ways to achieve it, so as to provide certain practical ideas for the development of vocal music art. The essence of vocal performance is the second creation of the singer based on the musical works. The singer’s experience from the work to the stage performance is actually a psychological process with multiple elements connected. Therefore, whether in vocal music teaching or stage performance, we should start from the core practice of performance, and interpret the works in all directions. In the past, vocal music practice focused on the training of singing techniques, while more neglected to analyze the works from a psychological perspective, resulting in the unclear expression of the music image and the difficulty of integrating emotion into singing during the performance. These are the problems that often arise in today's vocal performances. Therefore, how to make vocal performances more authentic and original, and how to achieve an organic combination of singing technology and musical performance in stage performances? Every vocal art practitioner must focus on the issues that must be considered. From this perspective, this article explores the formation of image thinking in the psychological context of vocal performance.


Vocal Performance; Thinking In Terms Of Image; Produce